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2016-06-08 17:54:19 by SOAPart

So, I finally was able to get the newer MacBook Pro with Retina Display for half off which is still quite pricey, but it's what i had wanted but didn't think i would actually get it due to the price. BUUTTT, the half off made it possible. So it's bye bye to this POS chromebook and now i can use my new wacom tablet! 


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2016-06-08 18:47:09

NOOOO! dont throw away your Chrome Book!!! Send it to me If you Want!


2016-06-08 18:48:44

She already used my advise @demon1000 and you cannot do anything about it


2016-06-08 18:55:28

NOOOOOOOOooooooo oo oooooo What did you tell her @DiamondEclipse???

(Updated ) SOAPart responds:

He told me to throw it out the window xD Do you like chromebooks? I only find them useful for school and stuff since they don't download any non-google softwares or programs ;(


2016-06-08 21:10:29

Well, I'll say that Apple products are great if you want creativity apps. If that's what you got it for, smart move.

SOAPart responds:

I do indeed. I also just like Mac OS better, makes more sense to me


2016-06-08 21:33:18

Well first thing i would do to that chrome book is to format The WHOLE ENTIRE DATA (including Chrome OS...Which is the thing you see...) And install Windows XP or Vista and shazam...Chrome book turned into Windows...


2016-06-08 21:34:40

Here is a tutorial...

SOAPart responds:

I still would rather run on Mac OS, I like it better, seems smoother to run, personally at least cx


2016-06-10 22:30:58


gud luck soap