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Ipad Pro..?

2016-06-05 22:34:53 by SOAPart

So I've been researching the various display tablets good for portable digital art making and I've landed at the conclusion of the iPad Pro 12.9". I love Apple Products and I don't use Photoshop so I don't have any large issues with its capabilities. Apparently it's great and the pencil is amazing and it is NOT $2,000 like the cintiq companion. Have any of you had a hands on experience with it? Good? Bad? 


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2016-06-06 00:30:07

That's what I just got. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Generally speaking, I'm really happy with it. I got Adobe sketch and draw, as well as SketchBook. All free and decent apps. But I do miss Photoshop. I feel like I can't get the same 'polished detail' on the iPad that I can with ps on my iMac. But maybe I'm just not doing it right :/