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2016-06-04 12:39:52 by SOAPart

Well i thought this might happen... I finally recieved my intuos pen tablet and it won't recognize on my stupid chromebook. No drivers available for Chrome OS also no solutions. So sad/mad. 


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2016-06-04 13:40:02

Leave it to Google to fuck shit up.

SOAPart responds:

indeed -_-


2016-06-04 13:45:07

I found these,

Digital artists will be glad to learn that Wacom Pen Tablets can be used as Mouse devices in the last Dev Update of Chrome OS.

Go check out to see if your Wacom Tablet is supported by the Linux Kernel powering Chrome OS.


original link -

I found this thread relevant as well, -

Hope that helps!

SOAPart responds:

I hadn't found the first one yet so thank you! Unfortunately the website looks like gibberish as i am not much of a computer person Dx but thank you!!!!


2016-06-04 14:01:11

Throw it out of the window with the PC, it helped me once
How you may ask? No PC = No problem

SOAPart responds:

can't argue with that logic xD